Cradley Heath 125th Features Enfield Citadel Band

The Enfield Citadel Band (Bandmaster Andrew Blyth) joined with the Cradley Heath Corps on 8 July 2006, in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Corps, giving a concert in Holy Trinity Church, Old Hill, Cradley Heath.

Enfield Citadel Band at Holy Trinity Church, Old Hill, Cradley Heath

A congregation of around two hundred people enjoyed diverse musical items, from the opening Fanfare of Praise to the traditional end-of-program march, The Red Shield.

Solos were provided by Deputy Bandmaster Andrew Justice, Maurice Patterson, and Keith Loxley.

The major work of the evening was Glorifico Aeternum (Dean Jones), a fitting choice for such a special event.

Submitted by Bandmaster Rob Westwood-Payne, Cradley Heath Corps