Flint Citadel Welcomes New Member

The Flint Citadel Band (Bandmaster Richard Holman) welcomed its newest member, Mark York, in September. York, who practically grew up at Flint Citadel, has been studying Eb bass for several years. Currently a high school student, he auditioned on 13 September for entry into the Flint Citadel Band. His addition brings the bass section back up to six players.

As all young, budding instrumentalists do at Flint Citadel, York began his musical career in the beginner’s band, coupled with one-on-one instruction. This eventually led to his entry into the Flint Citadel Youth Band, where he continues to serve. He is also a member of the Eastern Michigan Youth Band (EMYB), a group comprised of the best of the best young Salvationist musicians from corps in eastern Michigan.

In January 2006, York had the opportunity to “go west” and march in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, along with the rest of the EMYB musicians. The brief but event-packed tour of southern California included several concert performances.

Other Changes

The Flint Citadel Band began its 2007–2008 season on Sunday, 9 September. Unfortunately, several members of the band were unable to continue their service, most of them beginning college careers outside of the Flint area. Changes included:

Businessman and Eb soprano cornetist Sam Howard took employment in Dallas, Texas. Alan Tolcher, who in previous seasons was on solo cornet, will move to soprano cornet.

Dan Bell, Bb bass, was married over the summer and now lives near Chicago, Illinois. Percussion section leader Don Clough has moved from percussion to fill Bell’s bass seat.

Second trombone (and Flint Citadel Band webmaster) Steven Himes has moved back to the percussion section, replacing Clough’s place as section leader.

Captain Jon Augenstein, Flint Citadel corps officer, makes his debut with the Flint Citadel Band, picking up where Himes left off on second trombone.

First trombone Brett Tolcher has begun his freshman year at DePaul University in Chicago. Doug Engle, currently on second trombone, will move up to first trombone as he continues his studies at Central Michigan University.

Drummer John Gwynn has graduated from high school and is now a freshman at Central Michigan University.

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