Melbourne Staff Band Personnel News - February 2008

The Melbourne Staff Band (Bandmaster Ken Waterworth) announced some personnel changes in February 2008.

Nigel Mapes has been permanently appointed to the Staff Band, in the tuba section. Mapes had been assisting the Staff Band for several months on BBb bass in the absence of Craig Watson. Unfortunately, Craig remains on extended leave from the group because of work commitments.

On first cornet, Gail van Gaalen has secured the position following the departure of Joshua Yip.

The horn section had multiple changes, with Jonathan Still receiving a permanent appointment on solo horn, following a 3-month temporary assignment which in reality was a 12-month temporary assignment. Reservist Alan Collett has gone back into retirement after helping out on second horn throughout 2007. Collett’s extra service was greatly appreciated by the Staff Band. (It should be noted that Collett managed to get a solo horn position for the Arthur Gullidge tribute in January 2008, however, the Staff Band would like to squash the rumor that he was able to do this because he had actually played under Gullidge before the war.)

In addition to the appointments and changes noted above, both Rob Beasy and Ken Whittaker have agreed to stay on for another year despite reaching the “official” Staff Band retirement age.

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