Kenyan Musicians Benefit from Norwich Citadel Campaign

In the latter part of July, the Norwich Citadel Band (Bandmaster Richard Woodrow) arranged for the transportation of 21 brass instruments and a pair of timpani to a repair shop in Essex. Obtained through the courtesy of former Norwich Citadel bandsman Colin Maynard and the Rayleigh (Essex) Band, the brass instruments, after being refurbished (happily, at half cost), will be shipped to the Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. This transfer is organized by “The Kenya Trust”, a Salvationist charity. The instruments will be distributed to new bands being set up around Kenya, and particularly the newly promoted Coast Division, which comprises corps in and around Mombasa. The timpani were sold to help defray the cost of repairs and shipping.

This brings the total for the Mombasa Appeal to a magnificent £17,780. The Appeal grew out of the the Norwich Citadel Band’s 125th anniversary project, to build a library at the Children’s Home, with £5,000 raised. In addition, the total includes £825 for polo shirts with the Children’s Home logo, £8,565 for Mombasa Central Band and Choir uniforms, a band flag, digital camera and other requested items (including shipping to Kenya), and £3,390 as the value of all the donated instruments.

Norwich Citadel Band web site, original report by Band Secretary Michael Whybrow