Canadian Staff Band Farewells

Following their recent Christmas event, the Canadian Staff Band (Bandmaster John Lam) said farewell to a few members.

Ron Heintzman first joined the Staff Band in 1994 and has accumulated more than eight years of service, playing both soprano and solo cornet. The Staff Band will miss friendship and sense of humor, as well as his presence as a player, and wishes him well as he continues with his role as bandmaster at Meadowlands Corps, Hamilton.

Percussionist Stan Ewing officially retired after more than 26 years of service. Joining the Staff Band in 1970, he is only one of a handful of bandsmen who played under all five Staff Bandmasters to date. Ewing became well known for his skill and dexterity, particularly on timpani, where for many years he played alongside longtime colleague Ron Reid. Members of the Staff Band will miss his Irish humor, salute him for his dedicated ministry and length of service with the band and wish him well as he continues to serve at his home corps, Peterborough Temple.

In addition to the above, James MacArthur has also decided to step out of the Staff Band at the present time. A member for three years, he first joined the band under Bandmaster Kevin Hayward in 2004 and played until January 2006, returning to the band in 2008. The Staff Band wishes him well as he continues his service at Scarborough Citadel.

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