New Players in Bournemouth

The Winton Bournemouth Band (Bandmaster Norry Smith) has announced that two persons have recently transferred to the Corps and joined the band.

Calum Noble-Gresty, a nephew of Bandmaster Smith, will take up the position of principal Bb bass, joining Jared Littlewood in that section. Calum has been a key member of the Hendon Band on Eb bass for the past thirteen years. He works on South West Trains and because of work commitments has transferred to Bournemouth. He looks forward to joining his uncle and cousin who both play Eb bass in the band.

Also joining the bass section, on Eb, is William Coe, following his transfer from Portsmouth Citadel. Will has also transferred because of work commitments in the Bournemouth region. He works for the Salvation Army Youth Department “ALove” and is a relation of the late Major Leslie Condon.

Submitted by Campbell Smith