The Brass Crest Begins Its Twentieth Year

On 1 November 1999, I registered space for a new web site on the old GeoCities service. This was the beginning of the Brass Crest. A couple of years later, the site had moved on to its own domain, and the News Section, which today is the backbone of the site, was started. Although there have been some times of hiatus over the years, the site is still going, which in the sometimes ephemeral online world is something of an accomplishment.

As the site starts its twentieth year, a complete redesign is being planned. The last redesign was nearly seven years ago, and while the site is mobile-friendly, the design is not up to current standards. Content will remain largely the same, but there will be a new logo, graphics, and layout to the site. The Two-Part Hymn Series will continue to be a focus, with Part 2 planned for completion in early 2019. Part 3 will be a Christmas set, which has been requested by many visitors.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and contributed to the site over the years.

– Robert D. Schramm, Webmaster

Two-Part Hymn Series

While serving as an instructor at a summer music camp, the webmaster found it difficult to find two-part arrangements of hymn tunes, leading him to create the series. One hundred and ninety (190) tunes (120 in Phase 1 and 70 in Phase 2) are now available. These arrangements are free to download and use. For more information about the series and to download the files (in PDF format), click here.